There have been times When the road was hard, sometimes brutal, and I just wanted to stop, but I pressed on. The road seemed hazardous. The path constructed of and covered in the sharpest of rocks. Then the blessing happened. I saw this road, which appeared hard and hazardous was not what it seemed. TheContinue reading “WALKING ON DIAMONDS”


It’s a new year. A time where we resolve to make changes and undergo a transformation It is about going from empty to full, like when you fill a gas tank. It is about transforming a situation through actions that minister to your soul It is about seeing situations and people through a new perspectiveContinue reading “TRANSFORMATION”


http://funnyand.com/umbrella-problem/ When we know what is coming, we know what to do. If it’s going to rain, we grab an umbrella If it’s going to snow, we put on our boots We know what is coming and so we prepare ourselves for what is to come However, there are times when we are not prepared.Continue reading “NO UMBRELLA”


There is a Buddhist story I love and would like to share with you this week. It is, as the title suggests, about a group of six blind men and an elephant. Whenever I think about practicing vision, this story reminds me how our vision is shaped by the perspective we are. It limits andContinue reading “THE BLIND AND THE ELEPHANT”