May 21, 2019

It was one of those days,
when I just wanted to cry,
when everything seemed
harder than it should be.
It was one of those days
when nothing seemed
to fall into place and
things and people were dying.
Then I was reminded that
I was created for a purpose.

So this morning I am working
on remembering that
the world was created just for me.
That all that is happening
is just for me.
The challenges I am going through
are just for me.
Everything God is bringing me through
is just for me.

It is to help me
grow and evolve.
It is to help me
be more patient and understanding.
It is to help me
see the Divine in all of life.
It is to help me remember
it is just for me.



May 17, 2019

So often we live
as if there is a tomorrow.
However, we are not promised
a tomorrow or even a minute from now.

I have almost died
so many times.
I almost died at birth
in a car accident when
I flew out of the car.
I almost died when both
my ureters were obstructed
and when my common bile duct
was obstructed
and before my sleep apnea
was diagnosed.

I remember when they thought
my son was going to die.
I remember my friends
who committed suicide.
I remember all the friends
and family members who have had
their last day

So now, I try to live as if
today is my last day.
I remember to tell
Zoe that I love her.
I remember to say thank you
to all those who love and support me.
I remember to be grateful
I woke up and made it through
another day.

I remember that today
may be my last day.
I remember  that nothing
is promised.
I remember I do not know
So I give thanks or just waking up
as this may be my last day.


May 10, 2019

It was a word I used
to say this is mine;
to belongs to me.

It was mine because
I bought it,
it was given to me.
I earned it,
or it some other way
came into possession.
It was mine.

I liked mine,
because it made me feel
as if I possessed,
I owned,
I had control, and
I had power.

So what if stopped saying mine
if I started seeing everything
as being borrowed,
as a gift from the Ultimate,
as a blessing which was with me
for a time,
for a season
but not mine.

Legally something may be
however, if everything I have
is from the Divine,
then it is not mine.
It is a blessing,
a reminder all my needs
are met.

Things may come and go,
they may break,
they may be stolen,
they may be regifted
but they are not mine.
They are things in my life
for a reason and
a season,
but they are not mine.

Removing the word mine
from my vocabulary
changes my perspective.
It recognizes my blessings
changes my connections,
and opens my eyes,
to the presence of God
in my life.


April 8, 2019

There have been times
When the road was hard,
sometimes brutal, and
I just wanted to stop,
but I pressed on.

The road seemed hazardous.
The path constructed of
and covered in the
sharpest of rocks.

Then the blessing happened.
I saw this road,
which appeared hard and hazardous
was not what it seemed.
The road was not cloaked in hazards
but in blessings.
It was not paved in the sharpest of rocks
but the brightest of diamonds.

It is then that I hear my Bubby
when you can see the blessings
in the situation, then
you will be okay.

All this time I have been
walking on diamonds.


January 1, 2019

It’s a new year.
A time where we
resolve to make changes
and undergo a

It is about going from
empty to full,
like when you fill a gas tank.

It is about transforming
a situation through actions
that minister to your soul

It is about seeing situations
and people through
a new perspective and
transforming the way
we see them and the world

It is about the simple acts
which remind you of
It’s about me recharging the battery
on my wheelchair
reminding me
that the need to stay full
is ongoing.
Transformation is not
about a one time occurrence;
it is ongoing.

It is about getting sleep,
taking a sabbath
being aware of the
empty spaces
so we can renew our minds,
our bodies, and
our souls

It is about constantly
being in tune with those
signs which let us know
we are running low
in some area of our life.

Then we can stop, readjust,
recharge, and
be transformed


December 11, 2018

When we know what is coming,
we know what to do.
If it’s going to rain,
we grab an umbrella
If it’s going to snow,
we put on our boots
We know what is coming
and so we prepare ourselves
for what is to come

However, there are times when
we are not prepared.
We are in the rain
without an umbrella.
We are in the snow
without apparel to keep
us warm and dry.
We do not what is coming
so we are unable to prepare
for what is to come

Then the rain
becomes our umbrella
the snow
becomes our protective clothing.
We learn in the midst
of the moment
to deal with
what is happening,
We find the strength within
and from our Eternal
to make it through
what is happening
in this very moment.


April 10, 2018

You are greater then your evaluation of yourself. The world is greater then your evaluation of it.

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August 28, 2017

There is a Buddhist story I love and would like to share with you this week. It is, as the title suggests, about a group of six blind men and an elephant. Whenever I think about practicing vision, this story reminds me how our vision is shaped by the perspective we are. It limits and shapes what we see and what we do not. I know I have shared this story before in the past, but some stories are worth sharing again.

Long ago six old men lived in a village in India. Each was born blind. The other villagers loved the old men and kept them away from harm. Since the blind men could not see the world for themselves, they had to imagine many of its wonders. They listened carefully to the stories told by travelers to learn what they could about life outside the village.

The men were curious about many of the stories they heard, but they were most curious about elephants. They were told that elephants could trample forests, carry huge burdens, and frighten young and old with their loud trumpet calls. But they also knew that the Rajah’s daughter rode an elephant when she traveled in her father’s kingdom. Would the Rajah let his daughter get near such a dangerous creature?

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You are Worthy!

September 30, 2013



What are you worth?  A few years ago, I was reading this article about a man in Australia who had sold his entire life on eBay for slightly less than half a million dollars.  He was tired of his life, the way he was living it, and so decided to sell everything and start over.  Reading this story, it really made me think about how one decides what one is worth.  Just for fun, I did a web search to see what others were saying about how you determine your worth as a human being.  Sadly, I found a website called www.humanforsale.com I went through the process because I wanted to see what questions they would ask and to get a sense of what they would tell me I am worth.  I never finished it, because they required information I was not willing to share (my name, address, email, phone, etc).  In the process, I did learn that I have an IQ of 142 (www.free-iqtest.net) and that I am smarter than 61.5% of people (www.am-i-dumb.com ).  While I found that information interesting, I don’t think it makes me worth more or less in this world then anyone else.

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