This week has been filled with distractions. People have died. People have been placed in hospice People have been forced to move People have been going through the most challenging of times So many people in need of prayer. In the midst of the storms, I seek God’s smile. in the midst of the distractions,Continue reading “GOD SMILES”


https://marialorenalehman.com/post/how-to-add-depth-to-design-experience-using-in-visibility She was sitting in the corner and I never even saw her until she coughed and then I saw her and noticed her beauty. The last thing to discover water would be a fish, Confucious said because it is so pervasive that it is invisible. What keeps us from seeing what we see whenContinue reading “VISIBLE INVISIBILITY”

GRATITUDE IS __________

On November 1st, our Love and inspiration gathering had a powerful discussion about gratitude. We talked about how gratitude, when practiced, has the potential to be the tapestry of our lives. Everything we give thanks for leads to something else. For example, we talked about giving thanks for indoor plumbing, which led to us givingContinue reading “GRATITUDE IS __________”


Dear God, I have been sitting here the last few days thinking about a question somebody asked me about what my spiritual rituals are like. What do I do to stay connected, focused, and balanced? As I have been thinking about this, I realized there were multiple ways for me to answer this question. OnContinue reading “BEING IN YOUR PRESENCE”