I used to want to be an expert, however, I realized I was less open to learning. Now I work at staying a beginner This mindset is not easy. It  means I drop my expectations preconceived ideas and anything I believe an experience will be like. What if we approached everyone, everything and every situationContinue reading “STAYING A BEGINNER”


I seem to have stumped quite a few of my friends with a simple, or what I thought was a simple question. What food do you consider spiritual?  I asked my wife and she looked at me like I had three heads. It wasn’t anything she had every thought of before. Made me wonder howContinue reading “FOOD AS SPIRITUAL”


It was almost 30 years ago when I bought that black sweater. Over the years, it has kept me warm, gone on dates, seen me through good times and bad. My black sweater stayed with me longer than some friends. Then the day came, that I had to say goodbye. I was so worn outContinue reading “SAYING GOODBYE”


For those of you who have never joined us on Sunday mornings for Love & Inspiration on Zoom, we invite you to consider joining us. I know some of you go to places of worship, but for those of you who do not, call in. Why? Because during these calls, we have deep and profoundContinue reading “FAITH: POSSESSION OR RELATIONSHIP?”


Faith, for some, is about the relationship they have with their Higher Power. Faith is about one’s level of awareness and attunement to the presence of the Higher Power in our everyday lives. So deepening one’s faith is like developing any relationship. That deep knowledge of what the Divine can do in and through ourContinue reading “LET’S DANCE!”


Last night, during our living the five agreements group we began talking about Bryon Katie’s book “Loving What Is: Four Questions that will change your life.” For me, her “The Work” is similar to what Toltecs call stalking.  As I was sharing one of the stories about relationship from her book, I came to realizeContinue reading “LETTING GO AND LETTING GROW”