January 1, 2019

It’s a new year.
A time where we
resolve to make changes
and undergo a

It is about going from
empty to full,
like when you fill a gas tank.

It is about transforming
a situation through actions
that minister to your soul

It is about seeing situations
and people through
a new perspective and
transforming the way
we see them and the world

It is about the simple acts
which remind you of
It’s about me recharging the battery
on my wheelchair
reminding me
that the need to stay full
is ongoing.
Transformation is not
about a one time occurrence;
it is ongoing.

It is about getting sleep,
taking a sabbath
being aware of the
empty spaces
so we can renew our minds,
our bodies, and
our souls

It is about constantly
being in tune with those
signs which let us know
we are running low
in some area of our life.

Then we can stop, readjust,
recharge, and
be transformed


October 22, 2018

Take some downtime
Take a day off
Words I hear from
Those who love me.

Not everyone has a life
which allows them take
A one day sabbath,
so we improvise
and find the sabbath moments
in everyday life.

Sitting in the shower
Time in the waiting room
time being transported to and from
time when I can’t do anything
so I sit and be still
and listen
to the voice from within

Then I write.
I write prose
words that came to me in the silence

isn’t always a day
sometimes it is those moments
the use of your downtime
To replenish your soul


July 13, 2018

Dear God,

I know you never put more on us then we can bear, but this year has been filled with challenges. If I had to pick a word for that I have learned this year, it would be tenacity. I have learned to have the determination to rise about difficult circumstances. It does not mean it has been easy, but I am making myself rise. I am finding the strength within myself to keep on going.

There have been days when I felt so deeply and did see my own strength, but I would remember to release the fears that were obscuring my vision. You found your way of reminding me to be like the Tree of Heaven, the tree Betty Smith wrote about in her novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. She wrote, “Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first time or last time. Then your time on Earth will be filled with joy.”

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