The sacred is everywhere in our lives. It is in the ordinary moments, people, places and things. The sacred can be found in our daily life, in the simple things we do like brushing our teeth, going to the bathroom, eating an orange, running water, walking down the hallway, or just breathing. The sacred canContinue reading “FINDING THE SACRED”

PAPER TABERNACLES×4.aspx?pspid=236CMB2766570&type=pla&device=c&psloc=9005678&pstid=pla-332253081590&crtv=308594335364&psite=mkwid%7cv57yEmKD&pscid=1619543910&psagid=62941106058&psint=&psfid=&psnet=s&psaceid=&psmerch=11732&psppid=332253081590&pspcou=US&psplang=en&gclid=CjwKCAiA0O7fBRASEiwAYI9QAnIXU7ZxEm0t5wCLTBDS6UqVsEW4kr7702an37VcvTNtr5dYgXOWwxoCjHMQAvD_BwE&couponAutoload=1&GP=11%2f26%2f2018+16%3a48%3a02&GPS=5237520389&GNF=0 It was decades ago when she left three little pieces of paper on my treadmill that said I Love You They still are with me in my drawer. They are sacred, holy and a paper tabernacle holding the gift of love from the one who loves me unconditionally Her notes are not alone. TheyContinue reading “PAPER TABERNACLES”


Recently, I re-watched a film (Gods of our Fathers) with my students, which made me think about how the way we, as human beings, have voted with our food has changed over time. During the time of hunter-gatherers, they never took for granted where their next meal might be coming from or what it mightContinue reading “SACRED AND SACRIFICE”