Fear is like a fence around my mind, my body, my soul, and my world. It restricts me, my view, my interactions, my experiences, and my life. Fear looks like its protecting, providing safety, security, and peace. in reality, it is imprisoning, restricting, and limiting. Today I live without fear. i know I have nothingContinue reading “NO MORE FEAR”

G IS FOR THE GRILL TOOL SET A friend of mine gives me a hard time about my ability to see life and spiritual lessons in just about everything. As I was thinking about our Grilling Tool Set, I thought how awesome it would be if I could store all my spiritual tools in one place. Many of them are storedContinue reading “G IS FOR THE GRILL TOOL SET”


It has been a few years since I was part of an A to Z writing challenge. I had the opportunity to do it again. So I thought I would write my way through products and recipes from the Pampered Chef website. As I looked at the site the “A” product that popped out atContinue reading “A IS FOR ADJUSTABLE MEASURING SPOON”