When I was a little gurl there was nothing more comforting then cuddling up in my parent’s lap. As I grew bigger, I became too big for their laps, but I was never too big for God’s lap God’s lap is my sanctuary. It has taken various forms. It has been a field of flowers.Continue reading “IN GOD’S LAP”


There have been moments Where I have needed stillness. Where I sought a sanctuary; A space to retreat to and sit with you and just be Then you showed me how to sit and be still and journey within to my inner sanctuary You bought me to a space within me that is quiet, stillContinue reading “I AM MY SANCTUARY”


At Love & Inspiration yesterday morning, I commented about how silence is a bridge, not a barrier. Silence becomes the bridge through which we traverse the abyss to the Divine who dwells in the deepest of our internal sanctuaries. It is the noise which are the barriers, which distract us and prevent us from makingContinue reading “SILENCE IS A BRIDGE”