Thought for the day

Remember you are worthy of seeking freedom, love, light, and positive energy in your life. “Great wisdom, through painful experience is an inside job” ~~ Meg Christian Rev Dr. Sharon Jacobson Inspiritual 25 Bernie Lane Rochester, NY 14624 585-729-6113 Twitter @Inspiritual Facebook:!/home.php?sk=group_154921854555618&ap=1


The past few weeks, I have been reflecting quite a bit on forgiveness. In part, this came about because of a film we watched a few months ago called The Power of Forgiveness. One of the women in the film, Alexandra Asseily said in the film, “I think that if we all just remember thatContinue reading “SEE THE POSSIBILITIES”

My life is worth something!

I so love how the universe works. I was just talking to a friend and reminding her that her life is of value. I talked with her about how if she focuses on that understanding it will help her move out of her depression. She has told herself that her life is worth nothing soContinue reading “My life is worth something!”

You are Worthy!

  What are you worth?  A few years ago, I was reading this article about a man in Australia who had sold his entire life on eBay for slightly less than half a million dollars.  He was tired of his life, the way he was living it, and so decided to sell everything and start over.  Reading thisContinue reading “You are Worthy!”