The sacred is everywhere in our lives. It is in the ordinary moments, people, places and things. The sacred can be found in our daily life, in the simple things we do like brushing our teeth, going to the bathroom, eating an orange, running water, walking down the hallway, or just breathing. The sacred canContinue reading “FINDING THE SACRED”


I know it has been a while since I have written here, but this morning seemed like a good time because what I have been reminded of recently was that I need to have faith in my senses and gifts when I am cooking. Cooking is all about having faith in one’s self and one’sContinue reading “COOKING WITH FAITH”


I recently came across an article by Mark Batterson, author of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and Wild Goose Chase. I found this while doing some research on the five senses and faith. So I thought I would share this with you this week. One Quadrillion Synapses I came across an interesting factoid today asContinue reading “ONE QUADRILLION SYNAPSES”


I always love it when my friends call me and tell me they found someone who thinks the same way I do about food and cooking. Recently, this came about in a video someone shared with me about how to cut an onion. What Cynthia Lair, the speaker in this video, discussed was not so muchContinue reading “BEING PRESENT”


Dear Ultimate Consciousness, Just wanted you to know I got the message. How many days in a row can I shuffle my angel cards for daily guidance and have the same card jump out at me. Literally, this card keeps jumping out of the deck – Notice the Signs. I thought I was pulling itContinue reading “NOTICING THE SIGNS”