https://www.lynhicks.com/blog/see-the-goodness  When you can see the good, in any situation then you know you will be ok. My Bubby’s wisdom lingers in my mind today. She taught me that there is a blessing in any situation. Look for the blessing and keep looking until you find it. Then you will be ok That lesson livesContinue reading “WHEN YOU CAN SEE THE GOOD”


Take some downtime Take a day off Words I hear from Those who love me. Not everyone has a life which allows them take A one day sabbath, so we improvise and find the sabbath moments in everyday life. Sitting in the shower Time in the waiting room time being transported to and from timeContinue reading “SABBATH”


They were five, six and seven, Yet they knew how to cuss, gossip, slander, And speak words of hate. They were young, But they had learned how to Hurt others with their words It was time to let them taste What their words felt like So they had to sip on listerine Try eating aContinue reading “YUCKY OR YUMMY”