December 17, 2018

 When you can see the good,
in any situation
then you know
you will be ok.

My Bubby’s wisdom
lingers in my mind today.
She taught me that there
is a blessing in any situation.
Look for the blessing and
keep looking until you find it.
Then you will be ok

That lesson lives within me.
It has helped me find the good
when I could not see it.
It has kept me looking for the blessing
when I did not want to face the challenge.
It has been what keeps me focused
on the goodness
It has helped me face the difficulties.
move through my shadows
It has become a teacher
given me new vision and
shifted my attention.

Thank you Bubby for teaching me
to have vision that can see
that which alludes me.
for teaching me how to see,
and understand the goodness



October 22, 2018

Take some downtime
Take a day off
Words I hear from
Those who love me.

Not everyone has a life
which allows them take
A one day sabbath,
so we improvise
and find the sabbath moments
in everyday life.

Sitting in the shower
Time in the waiting room
time being transported to and from
time when I can’t do anything
so I sit and be still
and listen
to the voice from within

Then I write.
I write prose
words that came to me in the silence

isn’t always a day
sometimes it is those moments
the use of your downtime
To replenish your soul


September 28, 2018

They were five, six and seven,
Yet they knew how to cuss, gossip, slander,
And speak words of hate.

They were young,
But they had learned how to
Hurt others with their words
It was time to let them taste
What their words felt like

So they had to sip on listerine
Try eating a snail
A variety of things that tasted
What they called yucky
What they had to spit out
What made them want to throw up
This is what God tastes when you
Speak words of hurt and hate
Is this what you want to feed God

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September 14, 2018

Words are so powerful
They tell me about you
How you see the world
What you see in me

When you speak
Ill of others
Justified or not,
Gossip or libel
The focus is on
Their inadequacies

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March 31, 2017

If you want to grow and evolve, ask the Divine for assistance. if you don’t, don’t.

Song of the Week

March 30, 2017

As you are working on embracing your shadows and walking into the light, remember to call upon your angels https://youtu.be/3gydcChFnzQ


March 30, 2017

As you grow and evolve it might make others uncomfortable, don’t let it stop you.


March 29, 2017

It is time to step outside of your comfort zone and climb to the next level in your evolution


March 28, 2017

Which side are you allowing to control your life?



March 27, 2017

Years ago, in one of my women studies texts I read someone talking about how we learn how to glorify and imitate our oppressors. We see so much of this in everyday life. We look at behaviors, actions, and language we would never use, or so we say and then we do. I remember friends of mine who are black and gay going to look at an apartment. The landlord, also black, once seeing them said we do not rent to your kind. The your kind here was them being gay. Yet this was language that was once, and sometimes still is, to deny service to non-Euromericans. This landlord was imitating his oppressors.

This ability to do so can become a part of anyone’s life. Jae Woong Kim, in Polishing the Diamond, Enlightening the Mind, shares the following story. “Long ago, many bandits roamed the mountains, and they often captured monks. It was said that, less than three years after their capture, the monks began to commit the same crimes, crimes to which they once had been vehemently opposed.

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