September 24, 2019

Sometimes it is the simple things in life
that bring us joy.
like the smell of freshly mowed grass,
or waking up to a pot of freshly brewed coffee,
or when a friend surprises me with one of my favorite treats
or when I get a paratransit reservation

it is not just the big things that bring us joy;
it’s also the simple things.
It’s the smells, sounds, tastes, textures, and experiences
which put a smile in our hearts and souls.

It’s the little things which bring us joy.
So today focus on doing something simple for yourself
and others
and do something simple
to bring joy in to your life and theirs.

I love this recipe for a few reasons. It is simple, yummy, and balanced. Even though I work at home, I do not always have or take the time to make a well-balanced breakfast. What I love is that in just a few minutes I can grab some of the granola I premade, some berries out of the refrigerator and some Greek Yogurt and I have a great breakfast filled with protein and fiber, I can eat while I am working and sipping my morning cup of coffee.

The other thing I like about this is that with the Make and Take Snack Jar I have portion control at breakfast, which is one of those skills I need to work on in my life. I also have a balance of protein and fiber and I do not need to worry about what is really in my granola a I made it myself.

Making my own parfaits reminds me to maintain balance in my life, to make time for what is important, and not take on more than I need in my life. If you want to make these, here is the link and you can find the Make and Take Snack Jars at


October 5, 2015

Years ago, when I was pastoring, we had a tradition we called Hugs and Love. We would always start off with a reminder about how God loves us just as we are. Then we would greet each other and tell each other that God loved us just as we were. I remember the first time I opened this tradition as if it were yesterday. I talked about how we were like coffee cups. When you first go to the store to purchase a cup, it is smooth and clean inside. However, over time and use, there are stains which build up and tiny little cracks that sometimes appear and yet we still go back to that cup time after time and accept it just as it is.

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