September 29, 2015

The spiritual practice for this month has been forgiveness. Our Sunday morning love and inspiration group has been having some amazing conversations about forgiveness. In the midst of it, I realized that I had not forgiven myself for not writing to anyone last week. I had taken an entire week off from blogging. My first time to do that in five years and I was angry at myself for not having done so. I had to stop and practice forgiveness with myself. I had to forgive myself for expecting that I would write without ceasing and never take a break when I needed one. I had to stop and forgive myself for not trusting those of you who read the meditations of my heart for understanding when I need a vacation or need to take a week off.

As I sat and thought through all this, this past week, I remembered a teaching from my Bubby (Yiddish for grandmother) who taught me to never go to bed angry.

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July 3, 2015

I have been reading a book by Joan Chittister called A Passion for Life: Fragments of the Face of God. It is a book about more than two dozen saints and prophets–from Hildegard of Bingen to Martin Luther King, Jr., –who speak to the urgent spiritual questions of our time. Reading this book has gotten me thinking about who the “living saints” are in my life. Who are the people for me who have inspired me spiritually? Who are the people whose enthusiasm for the Divine has been contagious and helped me grow and evolve in my own life?

I came across a picture of Mother Teresa on a cover of Time magazine which called her a living saint. It got me thinking what do I even mean by saint?

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