An apple a day, they say, keeps the doctor away. That is fine and great, but what about the non medical struggles An acquaintance of mine used to say, a good heart keeps away the farts. Those people who smell up your life My gratitude journal keeps me humble. My inspiration journal keeps me open.Continue reading “AN APPLE A DAY”


Consistency compounds, this message rings in my head. It reminds me to be consistent in the performance of my spiritual practices. So every day I take time to think and reflect on my ¬†thought for the day and then I write in my gratitude journal, inspiration journal, and intention journal It is no longer somethingContinue reading “CONSISTENCY COMPOUNDS”


Getting to Carnegie Hall How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. This is how we should approach our spiritual practices. Practice, practice, practice. Like anything one must practice at an instrument, a craft, or a spiritual practice the way to master it is easy. Practice, practice, practice.

I is for Indigestion

I had originally thought that I would write this blog on some I food like ice cream or Italian ice or ice pops, but this morning after having enjoyed a feast of good foods with friends last night I woke up thinking about indigestion. Indigestion is one of those things that many of us haveContinue reading “I is for Indigestion”