Every season of the year is filled with opportunities to gather with friends and share a meal. This is true across the world. Summer is filled with opportunities to gather and barbecue. The fourth of July, in the US, is the most popular holiday for barbecuing followed by Memorial and Labor days. Barbecuing is oneContinue reading “BARBECUE, BRAAI AND PAMPERED CHEF”


I have yet to meet someone who does not like tacos. Some people prefer corn vs flour tortillas. Others prefer crunchy over soft shells. Some prefer beef, others steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, or some other protein. It is not about whether or not people like tacos, but how they construct them When we think aboutContinue reading “NATIONAL TACO DAY”


It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! How could I not possibly write about Ice Cream Sandwiches. When I think about them so many memories come to mind. One of them is a conversation with a friend about the flavor of ice cream in an ice cream sandwich. I told her that I thought it reallyContinue reading “NATIONAL ICE CREAM SANDWICH DAY”


Although not my wife’s favorite, one of my favorite foods is seafood. I have been intentionally not buying farm fed fish and seafood, choosing wild instead. When I realized that today is World Ocean Day, I found myself being grateful for the intentional choices I have been making about my own purchases of fish andContinue reading “SUSTAINABLE EATING”


I am so grateful to have my position as a teacher. At the start of each semester I am reminded what a blessing and privilege it is to be in this position. I have heard way too many professors at my school talk about what they have to teach their students. I talk with myContinue reading “NOT A MATHEMATICAL FORMULA”


It seems like no matter where I turn this month in my study of play, I am led back to the Hindu notion of the play of God.  Even when I am studying Ignation spirituality and play, I find reference to the Hindi concept of “leela.” One of the things I have come to appreciateContinue reading “UNIVERSAL PLAYGROUND”