As many of you who follow us on a regular basis know, the next few years we are focusing on a different spiritual practice each month. September is the month of forgiveness. While I have always known it to be a spiritual practice, I did not realize that there days that were set aside toContinue reading “POULTICE OF SELF-LOVE”

Don’t Make Assumptions

  My friend Jane, who I mention quite often in my gratitude journal and who inspired our affirmation card ministry, send me a funny story which is all about what happens when we make assumptions. This is her story. My friend, Ingrid, and I made these candleholders. We made 6 in total. They are putContinue reading “Don’t Make Assumptions”


  don Miguel Ruiz once said, “You know the word ‘Toltec’ means artist. When I talk about Toltec, I’m really talking about the entire humanity, because we all are artists. Even if we don’t have the awareness, we’re always creating. The biggest art that we humans create is a story – the story of ourselves,Continue reading “WHAT STORY ARE YOU CREATING?”


  This past Wednesday I had the last of my four Reiki 1 classes and as with last week, it began with my teacher asking me to close my eyes and pick three cards. The three that I picked were Destiny, Wisdom, and Nonjudgmental. As with last week, she smiled and she said yes thoseContinue reading “DESTINY, WISDOM, AND NONJUDGMENTAL”

Today is a new day!

I was once taught that the most dangerous states to live in are the past and the present. Today is a new day! One thing so many people do is spend their entire lives beating themselves up for something, which they said or did or didn’t say or do years ago, but today is aContinue reading “Today is a new day!”