Thank you Mr Mittens For the lessons you teach me and the role you play in my spiritual journey. You teach me to live in the moment. You are ever present, not time traveling to the past or the future. You remind me to be in this moment, and live a simpler life. You teachContinue reading “THANK YOU MR MITTENS”

Thank you for loving me

Every morning one of the first things I do is to take time to thank you for at least five things I have been blessed with in my life. Sometimes they are not things in my life, but the absence of things in my life. When I hear of people who are struggling with andContinue reading “Thank you for loving me”

Happy Valentines’ Day to Me!

  Good morning and welcome to a new day! Happy Valentine’s Day. Have I told you yet how much I love you? Hmm. it feels good to be able to say that, smile, and feel the love radiating through my body. Oh, how far I have come. I can remember a time when I didContinue reading “Happy Valentines’ Day to Me!”

For me, Not to me

  Over the last few weeks, Zoe and I have experienced a few changes in our lives. Changes in the way our office is structured and organized, loss of a family member, change in eating choices, and other changes which have affected us, to varying degrees, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some of the changesContinue reading “For me, Not to me”


  I was having a conversation with a friend recently about what I do when life gets difficult. I would like to be able to say that life is never difficult and there are never any obstacles placed in front of me, but I would be lying. At the same time, it struck me thatContinue reading “WHEN LIFE GETS DIFFICULT, I __________”

On Earth as it is in Heaven

This morning I came across this quote from don Miguel Ruiz Jr.’s book, The Five Levels of Attachment. He wrote: “The main job of the ego is to protect the false image of a separate self. One way it accomplishes this is by reinforcing the illusion of personal importance. Read More