I have long been taught to look for the Divine in the world. I have looked for the Divine in people, places, and things. What if instead of looking for the Divine in what is outside, we looked for the outside in us. What if I looked for that person in me, that place inContinue reading “LOOKING IN, NOT OUT”


Growing up there was one thing, well several, I could not say. One was that I was bored. My parents taught me that everything is interesting. if I thought it was boring, I just had not spent enough time with it. Nothing is boring. This is a lesson that has gotten me through years ofContinue reading “BEYOND BORING”


“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” These are three simple realities. Yet there are things in my life which have lasted for decades. There are things in my life which move me spiritually. There are things which appear perfect, even in their imperfections. There is a sense of everything, in this nothing.Continue reading “NOTHING”


Questions I keep asking them Because I want to know the truth I want more than a superficial answer I want a deep understanding. Questions They are like a quest One leads to another Which leads to another And they lead me to a deeper understanding They help to have a deeper understanding of theContinue reading “QUESTIONS”