June 22, 2019

Know you are loved

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January 28, 2019

Sometimes we think it is all about us
but there is so much more.
We may not see the effect.
we may not feel it
We may not taste it
or touch it
or even sense it
but it is there.

We call it the ripple effect,
the butterfly effect
it is about us recognizing
how every action
creates a series of reactions
which create effects
we may never be aware of.

We think we do not matter,
but we do.
We forget we are part of
something bigger than ourselves
but we are.
Everything we do,
or do not do,
has an effect on the world around us.

We are part of
something bigger,
something more powerful,
something more connected
then we sometimes realize.
Just because we may not see it,
or be aware of it
does not mean it does not exist.
This is why we must be mindful
of all that we say,
do and
as it all has an


July 15, 2018

Honor yourself and the way you live. You are a holy shrine.

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April 21, 2018

If you are here, then you are home and surrounded by family.

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Have you ever been working online and have a problem loading or page? Have you ever been on a call within others on Skype or Zoom and been told your internet connection is unstable? Most of us have experienced some sort of “connection” related problem when it comes to us being able to work (or play) efficiently on our computer.

What if we thought about our connection to the Divine as us being connected to the Cosmic Computer? How would you describe your connection to the Divine? Would you say you are still on dialup or are you hardwired? Do you power down at night or do you stay connected? How much of you is connected to the Cosmic Computer? Is it just your spirit? Mind? Body? Or is every cell of your being connected?

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