October 1, 2019

I have long been taught
to look for the Divine
in the world.
I have looked for the Divine in
and things.

What if instead of looking
for the Divine in what is
outside, we looked for the
outside in us.
What if I looked for that person
in me,
that place
in me,
that thing
in me.

What if I looked for
the sky in me,
the sea in me,
the trash in me,
the homeless in me,
the flower in me,
the artwork in me?
What would I see
in me?


September 24, 2019

How positive is your vision

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May 31, 2019

When I find myself drawn to something,
I have to stop and listen,
because it is trying to
talk to me.

Anything that is alive
has the power and ability
to share a wisdom, lesson, and
talk to me.

The cracks in the driveway
drew me in one day and
between the cracks I saw the beauty
they were revealing to me.

I watched the birds as
they went from branch to branch
grabbing what they needed
telling me you have what you need

I sat in the sun
feeling the warmth wash over me
covering me like a blanket
telling me I am loved

All that is alive
is speaking to us
bringing us lessons
talking to us,
we just need to listen


April 5, 2019

Sometimes we hit a
spiritual bump in our life.
That thing that jars us
and makes us think.
The moment that we come
off of autocruise and
call on our spiritual practices
to do more then get through it,
but to understand the meaning
to the spiritual bump.

This morning I woke up in tears,
grieving losses
which happened years ago.
It was through prayer and processing,
which I came to realize I had not
taken the time to grieve.
The message which triggered this
was not about me
but what was about me
was the grief it triggered.

The grief over my isolation.
The grief over the loss of
who I thought were friends.
The grief over things I thought I had grieved,
only to discover I had not.

Sometimes we need those spiritual bumps
to come to us in our dreams,
in our lives, and
in our visions
to give us deeper meaning
into our lives
and the purpose behind them


March 19, 2019

My Bubby would say,
when you can see the blessing
in any situation,
then you will be okay.
She taught me
what I looked for
I would find.
If I looked for problems
I would find them
if I looked for gifts and blessings
I would find them


The more I look for something
the more of it I will find.
The one little problem
will become a huge field of them.
The smallest of blessings
will lead to a path of growth and evolution.


What I look for in life
is what I will find.

What if you saw each “problem”
as a teacher,
as a gift
which was bringing you closer
to your Higher Power


What if life was filled
with nothing but
opportunities for
growth and evolution.
What if we cannot see them
because we let our ego
blur our vision.
Today let us give thanks
in all circumstances and
work to see the blessings and gifts
in all life brings our way.


February 15, 2019

When I was a little girl
I worried about being liked.
I cared what people thought,
but not as much as I did
as I grew older.
I went through a phase where
I cared about first impressions,
others evaluations.
what they thought,
what they said, and
what they believed about me.
I thought others thought
more about me then they did.

Now I know others rarely think of me
and if they do,
is not as often I could imagine.
They may have an impression
or an evaluation.
They may tell me what they think,
but that is about them
and what they believe
and what their expectations are.
their story is about them,
not me.
What matters most,
is what I think of me and
that what I think of me
is positive, loving, and affirming.


January 14, 2019

What do you see,
when you look at me?
Do you see my skin color,
my weight,
my wheelchair,
my sex,
my age, or
do you see more?
Do you see
the Divine in me,
do you see me as a
Divine original?
Do you see the grace,
compassion of
the Divine?

When I look at you
what do you want me to see?
Learning to see the
Sacred in everyone
is a practice,
a gift,
a way of being able to see
God’s presence on earth.
May we practice seeing
the Divine in each other, as
we use each other as mirrors,
which reflect the goodness and
beauty of the Infinite.


December 17, 2018

 When you can see the good,
in any situation
then you know
you will be ok.

My Bubby’s wisdom
lingers in my mind today.
She taught me that there
is a blessing in any situation.
Look for the blessing and
keep looking until you find it.
Then you will be ok

That lesson lives within me.
It has helped me find the good
when I could not see it.
It has kept me looking for the blessing
when I did not want to face the challenge.
It has been what keeps me focused
on the goodness
It has helped me face the difficulties.
move through my shadows
It has become a teacher
given me new vision and
shifted my attention.

Thank you Bubby for teaching me
to have vision that can see
that which alludes me.
for teaching me how to see,
and understand the goodness


November 13, 2018

Change the world,
start at home
that is what HGTV says.
This reminds me
to see myself
to understand myself
to get in touch with my own
deep and innermost mysteries

How can I begin to understand
the one I call the Ultimate
if I have not yet opened myself
to seeing the invisible in myself,
or the mysteries within myself

The journey to the
deeper mysteries of the Divine
begin with me exploring
the mysteries within myself.
If I want to connect on a deeper level

With the divine,
I must remember the wisdom
of HGTV and start at home.


October 1, 2018

Build a wall
To make American great again
Greatness comes with bridges
Not walls
It comes with unity
Not division
Loves sees one
Hate and fear see many
When separation disappears
God’s presence is visible
Oneness or separation
Love or fear
Goodness or hate
You choose to
Unify or divide
By the way your mind
Sees the world