I used to think I had to know it all I had to have all the answers I had to be perfect Then I was introduced to fairy tales and the power of the magic word. So I would wait for the magic words to be revealed. Then I realized this was nonsense. I didn’tContinue reading “I DON’T KNOW”


It never ceases to fascinate and inspire me to read the wisdom of those on different, but similar paths to mine. Huston Smith, in his book A Seat at the Table, shared this wisdom from a Hopi Elder. These questions challenge us to critically reflect on our lives and our vision for the world. MayContinue reading “WISDOM FROM A HOPI ELDER”


So I have been thinking about practical ways to practice meaning in our everyday lives. One of my sources of inspiration this month came from one of the women who was at our anniversary celebration. She suggested we have a wall in our kitchen/gathering area where people could write inspirational words or phrases. This gotContinue reading “PRACTICING MEANING”