July 12, 2019

the world would not be the same without you.

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June 6, 2019

Don’t depend on others to save you, help yourself.

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April 6, 2019

Live your life the way you want it to be, not the way others do

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March 15, 2019

An eye for an eye,
A tooth for a tooth,
This is how so many of us are taught
What it teaches us
is to be unforgiving and violent

What if we learned new lesson.
What if we learned to radiate love
in all situations
to all people
and most importantly
to ourselves

What if we remembered that
forgiveness is a gift
to you and to me.
Forgiveness sets us both free.

Forgiveness is not forgetting,
it is just releasing us both
from the pain of hatred
and violence

So today, I begin by forgiving
and then I ask forgiveness
from others
and myself
This helps set the world free

Three Onion Rub is more than a few of my customer’s favorite rubs and is a staple in their homes. Besides which, at $6 a bottle, it is easily affordable. So it was easy to pick this product as one of the many products we carry starting with a T.

What many people do not know is that our pantry products are exclusive eto the Pampered Chef and designed in our Test Kitchens at our Home Office. It is a blend of red onion, yellow onion, and onion powder.  Three kinds of onions which live harmoniously in one bottle, each bringing their unique flavors and gifts to the table. Not only that but if you somehow run out of onions, which I have managed to do, you can use three tablespoons of Three Onion Rub to replace one medium onion.

Did you know that our tasty spice rubs & blends are kosher & gluten free?What I love most is the simple lesson it teaches me. If we allow ourselves to open ourselves up we can be like any one of the three onions and work together in perfect harmony. It is a reminder that a diverse group of people (onions) can come together to create something even greater then themselves. We each have a purpose in life. However, we also have the opportunity to work together with others to make this world a better place. Our Three Onion rub can do that to your food and we can do that as human beings.


March 4, 2019

God’s plan for our lives,
is not always ours,
well truth be known it rarely is.
See God this way of bringing

people and situations into our lives
which we would often times prefer
were not the answer
to our prayers.

God’s plan for our life
is not about what we want
for our lives
but what are going to help us
develop a deeper relationship with God.

It might be the person who
gets on your last nerve, or
having to wait 3 ½ hours for a ride home,
when you cannot drive, or
that situation which makes you
want to have a meltdown at Walmart, or
you can fill in your own blank,

God’s plan is not about what we want
or who we want to interact with.
God’s plan is about us and
removing the obstacles which
are blocking us from our own
evolution and deepening
relationship with God.
This is God’s plan for us.
Growing closer to the
Divine who lives in us and
guides us through our lives.
This is God’s plan.


February 11, 2019

“I celebrate myself,”
The poet Walt Whitman wrote.
Are you celebrating yourself?
What if you celebrated
all of you,
your achievements,
your experiences, and
your existence.

How would you look at yourself
if you were celebrating
all of who you are?

Would you be saying
I am God’s beloved
I know God is pleased with me
Would you know you are good?
Would you stand in front of yourself and say
“I celebrate myself.”


November 13, 2018

Change the world,
start at home
that is what HGTV says.
This reminds me
to see myself
to understand myself
to get in touch with my own
deep and innermost mysteries

How can I begin to understand
the one I call the Ultimate
if I have not yet opened myself
to seeing the invisible in myself,
or the mysteries within myself

The journey to the
deeper mysteries of the Divine
begin with me exploring
the mysteries within myself.
If I want to connect on a deeper level

With the divine,
I must remember the wisdom
of HGTV and start at home.


October 8, 2018

I am Me
I am who God created me to be
I am unique.

There is not
Never has been
Never will be anyone
Like me

I am divine by design
Because I was designed
By the divine
I am me

I am who I was created to be
What you see as a flaw
The Divine placed as a gift in me
What makes me different
Is an asset
It is what makes me who
I am me

Nobody else brings
To the world
What I bring
To the world because
I am me

What God gave me is for me
What God gave you is for you
So let’s celebrate each other for
Who we are
You are you and
I am me


August 31, 2018