Just because I do not know you
or I am not familiar with you,
does that make you a stranger?

What does it mean to know someone
to be familiar with them?
When I am around strangers
am I thinking they are strange?

Or am I thinking you are like me.
You too are blessed.
We were both created by the Ultimate
in love, as love and to generate love.

I may not know your name.
I may never have spoken to you
or had anything to do with you,
but I may know that you are blessed
and therefore you are not a stranger


Be impeccable with your words.
That agreement also tells me to
guard my thoughts,
and ideas, but
it does not tell me
to guard my face.
I have worked to control
what comes out of my mouth,
but not the gestures
that my face makes and
actions speak
louder than words.

Being impeccable,
now means I have to
guard the looks on my face
and the gestures
I may intentionally make
and the ways I express
my disdain and
irreverence for others.

Being impeccable means
I have to remember
to be impeccable
with my
and facial expressions,
while remembering
all are a creation
of the Ultimate
and worthy of being
treated impeccably.